Upon Calling VIPet Sitters we will discuss what your needs are and our fees. We will arrange a consultation to come to your house and meet with you and your pet. The owner of the pet must be present during a consultation. Consultations are always complimentary.

During our consultation we will provide proof of bonding, insurance, background checks and membership in Pet Sitters International plus get to know each other.

 We will discuss feeding and watering of your pet.
 What Veterinarian you use.
 What to do if your pet becomes sick.
 Your contact information while you are away.
 Where the cat boxes are located

 Where does your dog go to relieve.
 How you would like cages or habitat cleaned.
 Discuss cleaning up bowls or plates.
 Where is your trash located.
 If you need us to make your house looked lived.
 Any other pet sitter services you may need.

Most importantly we get to know your pet and see how we get along. Now is the time to decide what you want us to do for you and what we should know about your pet.  It's important for us to know your cat may run for an open door or your dog will try to chase after a small animal.

Notes are taken and reviewed with you. A basic quote should be available to you during this visit and we can collect your key and payment at this time if you would like to confirm space on our calendar.

VIPet Sitters only charges for our time. After our visit we will send you an email with a word document attached outlining everything we discussed. This will be our contract of understanding outlining what is expected between you and VIPet Sitters. Feel free to add to or correct this document before service so we make sure you are getting the customized service you want and that everything is correct.

If you elect to confirm space on our calendar after our consultation arrangements will be made to collect your key and payment.

Before your scheduled service we will contact you to confirm our visit and any last minute things you need to tell us.

Upon your return we will wait for your call or text that you are home. If you don’t contact us we will make an attempt to contact you. If we don’t hear from you we will continue service until we hear from you to protect your pets from not being taken care of. (Payment must be made within seven (7) days of your return for additional services.)

You may extend our visits if you decide to stay longer.
VIPet Sitter has a cell phone number you can call or text 24 hours while you are away just in case you get delayed. We ask that you use this number for emergency only. We do use this same cell number to keep you posted on how your pet is doing. Text may not be sent when we are at your home. Sometimes we wait and text from our office.

 All deposits on service are refundable before service. VIPet Sitters does reserve the right to charge a fee of one half hour of service for cancelations less than 24 hours if a sitter is on the way to your house when you cancel.  VIPet Sitters are interested in providing fair and honest business dealings